Biogas Development Services

biogas plant 2General Resource Assessments and Feasibility Studies: A closer look at your farm, municipality or county to determine how much biogas potential exists, optimal plant locations, cost estimates, potential sources of funding, and ultimately, project feasibility.

Business Planning and Financing: The creation of a business plan, and assistance securing financing from grants, local investors and lenders.

Owner Representation and Project Management: Negotiating contracts, managing budgets, plans and suppliers.  We co-develop the biogas plant with you.

Organic Waste Management Strategies

organic wasteStrategies: We help you make smart decisions with your organics, to ensure they are managed sustainably and cost effectively.

Connections: Finding, negotiating and contracting for disposal of your organics at local biogas plants.

Research & Recommendations

biogas planResearch, investment opportunities and recommendations related to biogas development and other innovations.